New Delhi Restaurant


1.Dal Soup …………$3.99

     Lentils Cooked with Indian Spices herb

2.Green Salad……..$5.99

      Cucumber, carrot, onion, tomato, and cabbage.  


3.Steam MO:MO Veg/Chicken…..$9.99/10.99  

      Homemade Stuffed veg/ chicken Dumplings Steamed and Served with Tomato Sauce (8pcs.)

4.Chilly MOMO veg/chicken…..$10.99$11.99

     Spicy house sauce tossed with Dumplings veg / chicken(8pcs.)

5.Butter MOMO veg/chicken…$14.99$15.99

     Fresh veg/chicken dumplings with Indian butter gravy (8 pcs)

6.Soup MO:MO Veg/Chicken…$10.99$11.99

    Homemade Stuffed Dumplings Served in Soup(8pcs)

7.Vegetable Pakoras……$5.99

      Fried Mix Vegetables fritters(8pcs)

 8.Samosa Veg(2pcs)….. $2.50

         Homemade Patties stuffed with veg

  9. Samosa Chat(2pcs.)……$6.99

Stuffed Peas & potatoes Served with Tamarind Sauce, yogurt, &Chickpeas Curry

  1.  Fish pakora(8pcs.)….….$9.50      

            Cube fish mix Indian spice with chickpeas powder

  1. Paneer pakora(8pcs)……$8.50

           Cube paneer mix Indian spice with chickpeas powder

  1. Chicken Pakora (8pcs.)…..…$8.50

          Cube chicken mix Indian spicy with chickpeas powder

  1. Chat Papri……..$5.99

         Wheat crisps with a topping of potatoes chickpeas, yogurt, mint and tamarind         chutney.

  1. Pani-puri…….$5.99

        Semolina and wheat flour puffs with potatoes, chickpeas, Indian spicy mint and tamarind chutney and cumin infused fiery water. Extra cumin infused fiery water $1.99

  15 Dahi Bhalla….$5.99

      Ground lentil balls topped with sweet yogurt, Indian spice, tamarind and mint chutney

  1. Aloo Tikki (2pcs)…….…$ 2.99

       Shallow fried potato cake

  1. Aloo Tikki chat (2pcs)...$5.99

        Shallow fried potato cake with chickpeas, yogurt, Indian spice with mint and tamarind chutney.

  1. Spring roll 4pes……$3.99

      Golden fried crisp vegetable spring rolls, served with sauce

  19.Veg or Gobhi Manchurian(dry) ….$10.99

       Vegetables Balls or Gobhi Tossed with onion in light soy and ginger garlic sauce  

   20.Chicken Manchurian(dry)……$11.99

       Chicken balls Tossed with Onions in light soy and ginger garlic sauce

   21.Chilly paneer or Gobhi (dry)…$10.99

       Cube paneer or Gobhi Tossed with Onions, Green Peppers in Chili Sauce 

  22.Chili Chicken(dry)…. $11.99

       Cube chicken Tossed with Onions, Green Peppers in Chili Sauce 

  23.Chicken Wings (8pcs) . $11.99

       Chicken Wings Marinated with Chinese Spice Tossed with choice of your sauce(Med, hot or honey garlic


                         Spice level: – Mild, Mild Medium, Medium, Spicy, & Extra Spicy


    24.Tandoori Chicken (2 legs)……$10.99

Chicken Leg Marinated yogurt Indian seasoning Grilled in clay oven

  1. Chicken Tikka (8pcs )..$13.99   

        Cubes chicken marinated with yogurt and Indian spices roasted in a clay oven

  26.Fish Tikka (8pcs) …. $14.99

       Cubes fish Marinated yogurt Indian seasoning and Grilled in clay oven

  27.Chicken Seekh Kebabs..….$13.99

      Chicken minced skewer with Indian seasoning Grilled in clay oven

  28.Lamb Seekh Kebabs……$14.99

      Lamb minced skewer with Indian seasoning Grilled in clay oven

  29.Reshmi Chicken Tikka…..$15.99

      Cube Chicken marinated with Indian seasoning in creamy nut sauce Grilled in clay oven

  30.Soya Chap Tandoori……$12.99

Homemade Soybeans skewer Marinated in yogurt Indian spices and Grilled  in clay oven

  31.Achari soya chap…$13.99

     Homemade Soybeans skewer Marinated in yogurt Indian spices with achari flavor and Grilled in clay oven

  1. Malai Soya Chap…..$14.99

    Soybean skewer marinated Indian seasoning with creamy nut sauce Grilled in clay oven

33. Paneer Tikka…..$13.99

 Cube paneer marinated in yogurt, spices and cooked in a clay oven with onions and capsicums

  1. Paneer Malai Tikka…..$14.99

         Cube paneer marinated in Indian seasoning with creamy nut sauce grilled in clay oven


  35.Paneer Tikka Masala…..$12.99

  Cubes of Cottage Cheese Tossed with onions and peppers, cooked in a creamy tomato sauce

  36.Dal Makhani…..$11.99

     Lentils mix Cooked in Indian seasoning. 


       Cubes of Cottage Cheese Tossed in Tomato & Creamy gravy 

  38.Paneer Butter Masala….$12.99                  

       Cubes of Cottage Cheese Tossed in Tomato, Butter & Creamy gravy 

  39.Mutter Paneer/mushroom……$12.99

      Cubes of Cottage Cheese or mushroom & Peas in Curry sauce

  40.Soya Chap Butter Masala…$13.99         

          Cubes of soybean skewer Tossed in Tomato, Butter & Cream 

  41.Karahi paneer/soya chap….$12.99

      Soybeans skewer Tossed in Onions, Green Peppers with Indian thick sauce

  42.Baigan bharta..$12.99

       Fresh Eggplant Cooked with Tomatoes, Onions and indian Spices 

  43.Aloo Mutter….$11.99

        Potatoes & Peas in A Tomato & Onion Base Curry

  44.Chana Masala……$11.99

    Chickpeas cooked with onions and tomatoes Served in A Special Indian Spice Curry

  1. Mix Vegetable…$11.99

      Mix seasonal vegetable Cooked with Onion Tomato and Indian Spices

  1. Palak Paneer..$12.99

      Homemade cheese cubes with spinach cooked with Indian spices.

47.Malai Kofta…$13.99

     Cheese potato balls cooked in a mild creamy nut sauce

  1. Mix vegetable korma…$13.99

       Mix seasonal vegetable cooked with nuts and creamy sauce.

49.Aloo Gobhi …$11.99

     Fresh Potato and cauliflower tossesd with onion, tomato, & Indian spices

50.Bhindi Do Pyaza…$11.99

    Fresh Okra cooked with ginger, garlic, onion, tomato sauce,& Indian seasoning

  1. Dal Tadka….$11.99

       Chana dal cooked ginger,garlic,onion & tomato with Indian seasoning


52.Butter Chicken….$14.99

    Boneless Chicken Cooked in Exotic Butter, Tomato & Creamy sauce

53.Curry Chicken/Beef/Lamb+$1…$14.99

    Boneless meat cube Cooked in Indian Curry sauce

54.Fish Masala..$14.99

     Fish tossed with green paper Cooked in Indian thick gravy sauce

55.ChickenTikka Masala….$14.99

    Tandoori chicken cooked in Thick Sauce with Onions & Green Peppers

56.Karahi Chicken/Beef/Lamb+$1..$14.99

   Boneless meat Cooked in Thick Tomato Base Sauce with peppers and Ginger  

57.Korma Chicken/Beef/Lamb+$1..$15.99

   Boneless Meat Cooked in thick creamy nut Sauce with Indian seasoning

58.Bhuna Chicken/Beef/Lamb+$1…$15.99                   

      Boneless Meat Cooked in Indian seasoning

59.Vindaloo Chicken/Beef/Lamb+$1…$14.99

     Boneless meat cooked in thick tangy sauce with potato and red chilly vinegar

  1. Coconut Chicken/Beef/Lamb+$1…$14.99

      Boneless meat cooked in crushed coconut with Indian seasoning

  1. 61. palak chicken /beef/lamb+$1…$14.99

      Boneless meat cooked in spinach with Indian seasoning

  1. 62. Methi chicken/beef/lamb+$1…..$14.99

       Boneless meat cooked in methi & creamy sauce with Indian seasoning


63.Manchurian Veg/Gobhi (gravy)...$10.99

 Golden fried crispy Balls or Gobhi Tossed with onions in light soy and ginger garlic sauce 

64.Chili paneer/Gobhi (gravy)……$10.99

 Indo-Chinese specialty, marinated cottage cheese or Gobhi tossed in a fiery spicy chilli sauce

65.Chicken/Fish Manchurian(gravy)…..$11.99

 Cube chicken/fish ball tossed with onions in a light soy and ginger garlic sauce

66.Chili Chicken/Fish(gravy)..$11.99

 Cube chicken/fish with ginger garlic tossed in a fiery spicy chilli sauce  


67.Plain Rice…..$3.99

   Steam Basmati Rice

  1. Biriyani Rice……$7.99

    Basmati rice with biriyani seasoning

69.Biriyani Veg….$11.99

   Basmati Rice Delicacy with veggies and Indian seasoning Served with Raita

70.Biriyani Chicken/beef/lamb+$1……$12.99

  Basmati Rice Delicacy with Chicken Indian seasoning served with Raita

71.Chef Special Biriyani.…$13.99

  Basmati Rice Delicacy with Lamb, Chicken and veggies cooked with Indian Seasoning Served with Raita


72.Chicken Wrap…..$10.99

 Flatbread Rolled with Chicken Kabab of Filling with veg and Indian seasoning

73.Lamb Kebab Wrap…$11.99

  Flatbread Rolled with Lamb Kabab of Filling with veggies and Indian Seasoning

  1. Chicken tikka wrap….$10.99

    Flatbread rolled with chicken tikka with veggies and Indian seasoning


75.Butter Chicken….$11.99

   Fries Topped with butter chicken & Cheese and Indian seasoning


76.Tandoori Roti……$1.99 

   Whole Wheat Bread

77.Butter Naan…..$1.99

   Fine Flour Bread with butter  

78.Garlic Naan…$2.99

   Fine Flour Bread Topped with Garlic

79.Stuffed Chicken/lamb Keema Naan……$5.99

  Stuffed Chicken or Lamb with Indian seasoning

80.Aloo Kulcha /Paratha…..$4.99

Whole Wheat Stuffed with Potatoes and Indian seasoning

81.Lachha paratha….$3.99

  Whole wheat special lachcha bread

82.Onion Kulcha/Parantha ….$4.99

  Fine Flour Stuffed with Onions with Indian seasoning

83.Stuffed Paneer Naan…$5.99

 Fine flour Stuffed paneer with Indian seasoning

84.Kasmiri Naan …$5.99

 Fine Flour stuffed with cashew nut, Almont and coconut

  1. Bhatura...$2.99

 Refined flour, deep fried puffed bread

   86.Bullet naan (chilli)…..$2.99

    Fine Flour Bread Topped with chilli


87.Gulab Jamun….$3.99

Two Pcs of Brown Milk Balls Cooked in Rose Water Syrup


Rice Pudding  

89.Ice Cream…..$4.99

 Please ask for flavors

  1. Rash Malai……$3.99

    Sweet milk patties dipped in cardamom flavored

  1. Kulfi Falooda…….$5.99

  A traditional Indian ice cream, milk topped with vermicelli and rose syrup

92. Kulfi ..$4.99   


 Thursday  – sunday (Excludes Holidays)                                                                      From 12.00 Noon- 3.00 PM  

93.Veg thali……$10.99

  Mix veg and dal Makhani or Chana masala with Naan, Rice, salad, raita and dessert

94.Non-veg thali…..$11.99

  Butter Chicken and Chana masala or mix-veg Naan rice, salad, raita dessert

95.New delhi special thali……$14.99

   Butter Chicken, Lamb Curry, Chana masala, Naan, Rice, salad, raita dessert

96.Chana Bhatura (2pcs) .$10.99

    Chickpeas Curry Served with two pieces of puffy white fried bread and pickle .

             SIDE ORDER

  1. Mix Raita (12oz)…$3.99
  2. Plain Yogurt (12oz)….$2.99
  3. Poppadum (2pcs) …$1.99
  4. Mango Chutney (4oz)……$2.99
  5. Indian Mix Pickle (4oz).$1.99
  6. Sirka or plain Onion (8oz).$2.99
  7. Mint or Tamarind Chutney (4oz).$1.99
  8. Butter chicken sauce (12oz) ..$7.99         


  1. Masala tea….$2.99
  2. Pop can….$1.99
  3. Indian pop…$2.99
  4. Mango lassi……$4.99
  5. Salty lassi……$3.99
  6. Mango shake…….$4.99
  7. Sweet lassi…..$3.99
  8. Spring water bottle…..$1.50



                  New Delhi Special’s

   97.DINNER FOR TWO . $40

     2 Veg Samosa, Butter Chicken, Chana Masala, 2 Nan, 1 Rice, & Dessert                 

  98.DINNER FOR FOUR . $70

    4 Veg Samosa, Butter Chicken, Dal Makhani Lamb Curry, 2 Rice, 4 Nan, & Dessert.               

  99.DINNER FOR SIX…. $112 

   6 Veg Samosa, Butter Chicken, Chana Masala, Aloo Matter, Lamb curry,Dal Makhani,3 Rice 6 Butter Nan, & Desserts

  100.DINNER FOR EIGHT…. $140

  8 Veg Samosa, Butter Chicken, Chana Masala, Shahi Paneer, Karahi Chicken, lamb vindaloo, Aloo Matter, 4 Rice, 8 Butter Nan, & Desserts.

  kids meals

  1. Chicken nuggets 6pcs……$5.99
  2. Burger veg or chicken……$6.99/7.99
  3. Burger combo veg/chicken…$9.99/10.99 

                       Burger with fries & drinks

  1. French fries….$4.99

    South Indian

      Ask to the server for availability  

  1. Plane Dosa……$8.99

      A crispy lentil and rice crepe served with sambar, tomato and coconut chutney.

  1. Masala Dosa….$12.99

     A crispy lentil and rice crepe filled with potato & onion masala served with sambar, tomato  and coconut chutney.


     Thick rice & lentil pancake topped with onion, bell pepper, carrot & tomato served with  

    sambar, tomato and coconut chutney.

  1. Medu Vada …….$10.99

      Fried lentil flour doughnuts served with sambar, tomato and coconut chutney.


      Steam rice & lentil cakes served with sambar, tomato and coconut chutney.

  1. Sambar (12oz) .$4.99

       Mix vegetable & lentil stew cooked with special spices.

107.Chutney Tomato or Coconut…$1.99 

Please advise us of any allergies, including dairy and nuts.