V – Vegan                       GF – Gluten Free                       CC – Chef’s Choice


Veg Samosa (V)    –    $1.50
– Two Crispy turnover stuffed delicately with spiced potatoes, fennel and sumac, served with sweet tangy sauce

Assorted Pakora (V)    –    $5.99
– Crisp light fritters of cauliflower, potato, onion and baby spinach, served with mint sauce

Fish Pakora    –    $9.99
– Fish marinated with carom, ginger and garlic, coated with rice and urad dal batter, deep fried

Chicken Pakora    –    $8.49
– Lightly battered chicken, deep fried and served with Indian sauce

Alloo Tikki Plate    –    $5.99
– Shallow fried potato cakes served on spiced chickpeas in yogurt and tamarind sauce

Steamed Momos (V)    –    $6.49
– Steamed minced veggies or chicken filled Tibetan dumpling with spicy sesame chutney

New Delhi Chat (Samosa Plate)    –    $5.99
– One crispy potato turnover served with chickpeas curry and tangy relish

Spring Roll (V)    –    $2.99
– 4 golden fried crisp vegetable spring roll, served with plum sauce

Chat Papri    –    $5.49
– Wheat crisps with a topping of potatoes, chickpeas, yogurt, mint and pomegranate chutney

Vegetable Manchurian (V)    –    $6.99
– Golden fried vegetable balls tossed with onion in light soy and ginger sauce

Balls of Fire (Gol Gappe) (V) (CC)    –    $5.99
– Semolina and wheat flour puffs with potatoes, garbanzo and pomegranate, cumin infused fiery water
Add extra cumin infused fiery water   –    $2.49

Gobhi Chilli Fry (V)    –    $6.99
– Crispy cauliflower florets tossed in charred garlic and sweet peppers

Dahi Bhalla    –    $5.49
– Ground lentil balls topped with sweet yogurt, tamarind and mint chutney

Chicken Wings    –    $9.99
– Plump and juicy jumbo wings sauced to your liking. Mild, hot or honey garlic

Butter Chicken Poutine (GF)    –    $7.99
– House butter chicken with cheese curds and scallions on a bed of fries



Please advise us of any allergies, including dairy and nuts.