Add a plain naan for  $1.49

(or upgrade to a Butter naan for $0.25 or a Butter & Garlic naan for $0.75)


V – Vegan                       GF – Gluten Free                       CC – Chef’s Choice


Tandoori Chicken (GF)    –    $9.99
– Bone-in chicken legs marinated in yogurt, ginger, garlic and Lazzat-e-taam


Paneer Tikka (GF)   –    $10.99
– Paneer cubes marinated in yogurt, spices and cooked in a tandoor with onions and capsicum 


Chicken Tikka (GF)    –    $10.99
– Melt in your mouth variation of traditional tikka spiced with cream, ginger and garlic. Roasted in tandoor  


Fish Tikka (GF)    –    $13.99
– Char-grilled fish chunks in dijon mustard


Lamb Seekh Kabob (GF)    –    $11.99
– Minced skewer with mace, charred garlic, clove, coriander and bell pepper


Please advise us of any allergies, including dairy and nuts.