Served with steamed rice or a plain naan 

(or upgrade to a Butter naan for $0.25 or a Butter & Garlic naan for $0.75)


V – Vegan                        GF – Gluten Free                        CC – Chef’s Choice


Alloo Gobi (V) (GF)    –    $11.99
– Potato and cauliflower florets tossed with onions and tomatoes


Mix Vegetable (GF)    –    $10.99
– Seasonal vegetables, hint of tomato ketchup and malt vinegar


Baingan Bhartha    –    $11.99
– Eggplant roasted on the dying embers of a charcoal fire and blended with sautéed onions & tomatoes


Bhindi Do Pyaza (V) (GF)    –    $11.99
– Okra stir fried with onion, ginger, garlic and masala spices in a deep Indian wok


Chilli Paneer (GF)    –    $11.99
– Indo-Chinese specialty, marinated cottage cheese, wok tossed in fiery spicy chilli sauce


Chana Masala (GF)    –    $10.99
– Chickpeas cooked with onions, tomatoes and spices in a pomegranate sauce


Paneer Tikka Masala (GF) (CC)    –    $12.49
– Cottage cheese tossed with onions and peppers, cooked in a creamy tomato sauce


Palak Paneer (GF)    –    $11.99
– Fresh curried spinach with home made cheese and aromatic spices


Malai Kofta    –    $12.99
– Cheese dumpling cooked in mild creamy almond and cashew nut sauce


Dal Makhani (GF)    –    $11.99
– India’s favorite black lentil delicacy simmered over charcoal


Dal Tadka (V) (GF)    –    $10.99
– Three chickpeas lentils tempered with cumin and fresh garlic


Kadahi Panner (GF) (CC)    –    $12.49
– Stir fry cottage cheese with peppers, onions and tomato masala


Gobhi Manchurian (GF)    –    $11.99
– Stir fried cauliflower in Manchurian sauce


Chana Bhatura Plate (V)    –    $9.99
– Chickpeas curry served with two pieces of puffy white bread and pickle
(Add sirka/ plain onions for $1.99)




Please advise us of any allergies, including dairy and nuts.